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We don’t think lockdown should stop you reaching your fitness goals so we’ve launched new lower pricing so you can workout anytime, anywhere.

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Next-level live workouts

We swEaT togeThEr

Our live and on-demand virtual HIIT classes range from heart-pumping bodyweight sessions to equipment-based workouts all led by expert coaches. Filmed from our dedicated live studio and underpinned by full heart-rate tracking with the SWEAT BAND 1.0 heart rate monitor and the dedicated SWEAT app. Choose from 40 minute live sessions or a selection of shorter on-demand sessions when you subscribe.

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It’s a workout but also a science.

Built around the latest in high-intensity interval training techniques and programmed to promote the maximum after-burn effect, you can burn anywhere between 300 and 800 calories per TRIB3 Live session. Plus, with specialised programming from resistance training to a sweaty full-body intensity session, all with the option to track every session and your progress via our dedicated SWEAT app, results are guaranteed.

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Heart rate tracking

Track your results and store them on our custom app.

With the SWEAT app and our custom heart rate monitor the SWEAT BAND 1.0 you can track calories burned, time spent in each heart rate zone and push yourself to achieve 15 minutes or more in the coveted SWEAT Zone where your training is most efficient.

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Coach-led training

A team of experts that will take you to the SWEAT Zone.

TRIB3 Live coaches are here to make sure you have a next-level workout each and every time. They’ve bags of energy, experience and motivation waiting for you. They’ll always offer progressions and adaptations in each workout so that whatever your fitness level you can maximise your session. We sweat together, we achieve together.

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WFH: Workout from home

Pay-per-session or subscribe to access our next-level workouts live and on-demand so you can rediscover your favourite sessions, whenever and wherever you like. Booking is quick and simple via our dedicated app. Get live, get sweaty.

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