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TRIB3 Live was created by the TRIB3 team to bring next-level workout experiences to you, wherever you are. TRIB3 is a unique global boutique fitness concept. You’ll usually find us delivering epic 45-minute zoned HIIT sessions in our signature industrial-luxe studios worldwide but we also wanted to make sure we could bring the TRIB3 experience to as many people as possible so you didn’t have to be in the studio to sweat with us.

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TRIB3 Live classes are streamed throughout the day across our range of workouts but always led by a TRIB3 Live coach. You can pay-as-you-use or subscribe to access as many Live workouts as you want. Choosing a subscription also gets you access to our on-demand library where you can find a whole range of workouts including shorter 15 and 25 minute sessions so you can still get a session in, even when you don’t have a lot of time!


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Complete an awesome TRIB3 Live workout and keep track of your progress with our SWEAT app & SWEAT BAND 1.0 heart rate monitor (or an alternate wearable if you prefer).

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Share your SWEAT summaries (direct from the SWEAT app) and / or your amazing sweaty selfies with @trib3live on Instagram.

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Prepare and recover

For us, how you prepare for a sweaty session and how you reset and take care of your body afterwards are just as important as the workout itself. You can find on-demand videos in our app which take you through this process step by step for great a preparation and an effective recovery. Watch them before or after your Live workout to maximise your sessions.

Add in some kit

If you’re going to join us for our Resistance workouts or looking to level up one of our Core workouts, you might need to stock up on at-home kit. We offer an exclusive TRIB3R discount on a range of dumbbells with our partner kit provider BLK BOX. This equipment will definitely help you take your workout to the next-level.

Get your SWEAT BAND 1.0

We’re all about tracking – seeing your heart rate, movement between each zone and calorie burn live in the SWEAT app is massively motivating and will help you maximise your session. You can get your own great value SWEAT BAND 1.0 (which by the way works for any kind of training not just TRIB3 Live) here for just £40 plus P&P.

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