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Annie Ashcroft

Annie has seen both sides of the TRIB3 experience kickstarting her journey as a regular TRIB3R in 2017. She has seen first-hand what can be achieved with the support of TRIB3, completing her first half marathon and currently training for a marathon. She believes that no matter what your fitness goal is, be patient and focus on enjoying the process.

One third of the well-known UK girl group, M.O., Annie’s work ethic and on-screen presence is unrivalled. Her personality, charisma and presence will not only take your TRIB3 Live workout experience to the next level but will have you burning crazy calories!


George Grayson

George, also known as GG, has been a Personal Trainer and TRIB3 coach for over five years, managing TRIB3’s flagship UK store on Sheffield’s Ecclesall Road for four years before taking on the Media Manager role for TRIB3 Live.

George ensures every TRIB3 Live workout is next level and looks after the whole coaching team all from our epic Live studio. A big fan of strength training and coaching, George has always had a keen interest in fitness; he was a professional football player before he came to join the TRIB3 family.


Henry Myers

His background is very much academic, having earned both a Degree and Masters in Sports Sciences; qualifications he puts to great use as he is always looking for fun and innovative ways to train underpinned by scientifically grounded principles.

He is all about fun, energy, effort and application and says; “All you need is a positive attitude. And if that’s not something you can bring with you, I’ll make sure you leave each TRIB3 LIVE Session with one”.

Leigh Sanders

Leigh is Head of Product for TRIB3. Over the years, he has led the training of TRIB3’s global coaching teams in the UK, Russia, Spain, Finland and China ensuring a consistent, next-level workout experience, worldwide. Leigh has been coaching in our studios since the first TRIB3 store opened in January 2016.

He comes from a background of professional rugby and has always been passionate about health, fitness and training.

Leigh brings unparalleled energy and positivity to the TRIB3 Live studio and is guaranteed to make you SWEAT!


Rachael Green

Rachael has always had a huge love of fitness and has worked in different sporting environments for the past four years.

After spending two years in Sydney, exploring the fitness industry, particularly boutique gyms, she qualified as a personal trainer following her passion to empower people to become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

With a degree in performing arts, Rachael is constantly looking for fresh ways of working out, aiming to create a fun and enjoyable fitness environment and can’t wait to get started with the TRIB3 Live team!


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