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TRIB3 Live sessions are priced differently to studio sessions and are accessed on subscription. Subscribing monthly or annually means you can also access TRIB3 Live workouts on demand as well as exclusive 15 and 25 minute express classes.

You can book and buy your sessions either online or via our TRIB3 Live app. The app is super simple to use, all you need to do is download (search ‘TRIB3 Live’ and register – if you registered online to access our free trial then you’ll just need to sign in with these same details. Once you’re registered you’ll be able to see the Live timetable, manage your subscription and book all your sessions. Current TRIB3Rs will still need to register for TRIB3 Live but can use the same details as their account for their home studio.

You can easily cancel or amend your bookings within the TRIB3 app. You just need to cancel within three hours of your session start time. If you cancel less than three hours before your class, your session credit will be deducted from your account.

You can cancel whenever you like using our cancellation form, we aim to process cancellations within two working days. Please give notice to cancel at least five working days before your next payment is due otherwise we cannot guarantee the funds will not be taken.

TRIB3 workouts are designed to be intensive but they are always really inclusive – you set your limits and we’ll push you to be your best. The Live Coach will always offer progressions and regressions for the different movements so you can adapt your workout to suit you. When using our heart rate monitor and tracking system, your maximum heart rate is calculated on your personal metrics and our target training zone, the ‘SWEAT Zone’, is 80% – 92% of heart rate, making it attainable whatever your level.

For some classes like Sweat, we recommend you wear a heart rate monitor to get the full experience of the session as the class is built around driving your heart rate up into the coveted SWEAT Zone where your training is most efficient (80% – 92% of max heart rate).

It’s not mandatory to wear a heart rate monitor for any of our sessions, we just really advise it as it’ll heighten your motivation, push you to push yourself and ensure you have data on your progress and achievements. Using our SWEAT BAND 1.0 heart rate monitor (or an Accuro HRM306) means you can connect with our custom SWEAT app which safely stores all your data in personal performance dashboards, whilst also allowing you to track your workout in real-time and connect with your favourite coaches and the community.

Buy yours here for just £40.

At TRIB3 we measure your heart rate in four zones with a focus on the active zones: blue, gold (SWEAT) and red. You’ll spend time in all three of these zones but we encourage all TRIB3Rs, where possible, to aim for 80% – 92% of their maximum heart rate, otherwise known as the SWEAT Zone. The SWEAT Zone is a sustainable intensity for all fitness levels and will best promote the after-burn effect, meaning you’ll continue to burn calories at a much higher rate long after the workout has finished.

We recommend that any TRIB3R with a heart condition / on medication consult their GP before using the SWEAT BAND 1.0 or any heart rate monitor.

We aim to deliver your SWEAT BAND 1.0 within 7-10 working days.

If your SWEAT Band 1.0 is still not with you after 10 working days, please email support@trib3live.com, stating your order date and full name and we will look into this for you.

The SWEAT BAND 1.0 comes with the following warranty:

We warrant that this product will be free from material defects for 90 days commencing in each case on the date the product is put into shipment to you:

The warranty does not apply to any defect in the products arising from:

  • (a) normal wear and tear;
  • (b) wilful damage, abnormal or improper use, storage or working conditions, accident, negligence by you or by any third party;
  • (c) if you fail to operate or use the products in accordance with the user instructions;
  • (d) any alteration or repair by you or by a third party; or
  • (e) any specification provided by you.

Additionally, the warranty does not apply to:

  • (i) consumables, such as replaceable batteries;
  • (ii) any product which has been opened or tampered with (except to replace batteries); or
  • (iii) any product with an illegible serial number.

If products fail to comply with the warranty above, your sole option is to return the products to us for repair or replacement. Before returning any products, please request a return authorisation number by emailing support@trib3live.com.

We may reject any returned product that is not in its original packaging and marked with a return authorisation number.

We have a general ‘no refunds’ policy as once the order has been placed, the costs to fulfil it have already been incurred. However, we will always be mindful of TRIB3R’s individual situation and try to make exceptions where fair and required.

Devices that are found to be faulty should be returned to your nearest TRIB3 studio – if your band is not working correctly we will replace it for you. If you do not live near a TRIB3 studio please contact support@trib3live.com for further assistance.