Every session is worth celebrating but with our unique Workout Journey you’ll reach unforgettable milestones.


It’s our journey. Your milestones.

We’re all about bringing you next-level workout experiences so you can smash through your limits with each and every session. Just like our in-studio experience, every 40-minute TRIB3 Live session counts towards your progress through our unmissable Workout Journey.
The Journey starts with that first, sweaty session – where it’ll take you then is up to you.
Go from a workout warrior to the stuff of legends.

Go live. Go Legendary

We swEaT togeThEr

You were born a warrior. We have what it takes to make you a legend.

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You’re part of a community of warriors, brave enough to keep pushing yourself and your limits.

You’ve achieved things you never thought you could do. You’re an icon.

You’ve leveled up in your training; you’re showing others how its done and leading the charge.

Experience, disciplined, always achieving. Your warrior spirit has gone to the next-level.

You’ve stepped up to an even greater level of strength and power. You are invincible.

You’ve ascended. You’ve found your limits and smashed through them.

Unstoppable. The stuff of legends.

Journey retail range

Wear it with pride.

It takes dedication, greatness and a lot of sweat to keep levelling up in the Journey. Wear your achievements with pride with our Journey range – soft breathable fabric, iconic level branding in vests and t-shirt options.

Available to buy at your nearest TRIB3 studio.

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Only the best for those who conquer it.

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