The workouts

15, 20 and 40-minute classes from pulse-raising HIIT sessions to core and mobility. Plus, fusion workouts available to bring your favourite training styles together! Use of a heart rate monitor is recommended for the full experience but not required.



Resistance is all about using equipment like dumbbells to push, pull and move, sculpting and toning your muscles. We’ll focus on time under tension to help you build strong, lean muscle but always with a high-intensity finisher! Dumbbells or resistance bands will be required for these classes.



Build a strong core and tone your abs with this fusion of focused exercises and high energy bouts. Core movements focus on time under tension while the heart-pumping high intensity intervals ensure you get a good calorie-burn. You won’t require any weights, although you can add them if you have them.



Designed to get you working in what we call the ‘SWEAT Zone’, 80 - 92% of max heart rate, maximising the afterburn effect so you’ll be burning calories long after the session is over. Classes are comprised of a range of HIIT-style training principles; no equipment needed, calorie-burn guaranteed.


Prepare & Recover

Warm up, stretch out and cool down post-workout with our targeted mobility sessions. Recover faster for the next workout, prepare for an upcoming session or simply treat your body to some R&R after a long day. Prepare and Recover sessions are the perfect way to prep for your workouts and get ready for the next one.


Never miss a beat.

See your results live and store them afterwards, tracking along with your workouts from within the TRIB3 SWEAT app with our custom heart rate monitor, the SWEAT BAND 1.1.

You can live track calories burned, time spent in each heart rate zone and push yourself to achieve 15 minutes or more in the coveted SWEAT Zone where your training is most efficient.

Download the TRIB3 SWEAT app to access all the workouts and track live, straight from your device.

Sweat App

Want to know more about TRIB3 or find your nearest studio, visit the TRIB3 website.