Coming to you live
from the SWEAT Zone

Our live virtual sessions are scientifically programmed to deliver results
while being precisely engineered so you can complete them from wherever you wish.

Maximum flexibility,
maximum calorie burn.

Select your environment

Whatever your goal,
we’ve got you covered.

Choose between feeling at home or the unforgettable atmosphere of the studio.

At home

There’s no place like home. Nestled on one side of our epic Live filming studio is Home. All our Core and Intensity workouts are filmed here. Home workouts are about focused, bodyweight exercise and are a great place to start if you’re new to TRIB3 or looking for a dedicated core strengthening session.


The closest thing to a TRIB3 studio without being there. Situated beside Home is the unforgettable, unmissable Live Studio. In this area, we’re all about epic lighting and pumping playlists. All our Resistance and Sweat workouts take place in the studio so if you’re looking to strengthen and tone or get seriously sweaty, you’re in the right place.

Selecting your sessions

The workouts

With four types of sessions to choose from, whatever your goal, we’ve got you covered. Choose from bodyweight and equipment-based or mix it up and do both!


Build a strong core and tone your abs with this fusion of focused exercises and high energy bouts. Core movements focus on time under tension while the heart-pumping high-intensity intervals ensure you get a good calorie-burn. You won’t require any weights, although you can add them if you have them.


Use equipment like dumbbells to push, pull and move, sculpting and toning your muscles. We’ll focus on time under tension to help you build strong, lean muscle but always with a high-intensity finisher!


Full-body, bodyweight sessions with no equipment needed designed to get your heart pumping. Intensity sessions offer a whole range of HIIT training principles from interval workouts to tabata with progressions and regressions.


A fast paced Full Body workout where we aim to work in what we call the ‘SWEAT Zone’, 80 – 92% of max heart rate where your training is most efficient and where you’ll maximise the afterburn effect. That means you’ll be burning calories long after the session is over.


The perfect duration
for maximised results.

Our 40 minute live sessions are designed to maximise calorie-burn and get you to the SWEAT Zone; it’ll feel very much like our signature in-studio experience! Subscribe to access our on-demand library which includes express 15 and 25 minute sessions so you can get great results even when you don’t have a lot of time.

Heart rate tracking

Never miss a beat.

Strap on your SWEAT BAND 1.0, our custom heart rate monitor, to track your heart rate throughout your workout. Heart rate technology is proven to increase motivation during a workout and the SWEAT BAND 1.0 allows you to connect with our SWEAT app so you can store and see all your data in personal dashboards.

Buy the SWEAT Band 1.0 Learn more

Find the SWEAT Zone

Stay in the SWEAT Zone for 15 minutes or more.

This will not only supercharge your metabolism, burning calories long after the workout has finished but will also earn you virtual medals. You’ll thank us later.

Connected Experience

Follow your progress, anytime.

Track your calories burned, time in each heart rate zone and SWEAT Points earned with the SWEAT app. You can see your results in real time as you smash your session and push for the SWEAT Zone. Trust us, it’s highly addictive.

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Our coaches are here to guide you every step of the way. Meet the coaches.

Recommended kit

At-home kit options for your workout.

Our Resistance workouts do feature equipment-based movements and you can add kit to our other sessions if you want to up the ante (we’ll guide you through progressions!). If you’re looking to stock up on at-home kit, you can get an exclusive 12% discount with our partner kit provider BLK BOX. Once you’ve registered for TRIB3 Live, we’ll issue your discount code via email and our app which should be utilised on the BLK BOX website at check-out.

HEX Dumbbells

These cost-effective dumbbells offer quality and longevity in a range of weights (5kg – 15kg). Featuring heavy-duty, rubber encased heads that help minimise noise and limit wear and tear – they include chrome-plated handles, which are designed for a firm but comfortable grip.

Exercise mat

The design of this mat ensures maximum shock absorption helping to keep you injury free. We recommend having a mat when you’re doing floor-based exercises to protect your joints and your hands.

Workout journey

We celebrate every achievement together.

You were born a warrior. We have what it takes to make you a legend.

Discover the journey